The universe has spoken

when the student is ready the teacher will appear

Just some filling in regarding my sickness .

I am still on antibiotics the specialist feels it was a bad streptococcal infection and I need to stay on penicillin until end of November to get rid of it . Ok doing that !!

Neck pain is ongoing initially associated with glands and site throat on a background of whiplash 10 years ago . I’m taking pain killers all the time and over the years have tried all sorts to help the whiplash !

I’ve come across the Alexander technique a few times and thought must look into that !!

Currently I’m also doing a mindfulness meditation course to help with stress in the city centre and found a leaflet on the Alexander technique . Again I thought must look into that !!

I googled it there was a class starting this week about 5 mins from my house !!

The universe is telling me the time is now !! The courses are normally miles away .

So let’s see how we go with this and I’ll keep in touch !!

And I finish with this because I love him and only today sic overhead this on line !!

The Alexander Technique works …. I recommend it enthusiastically to anyone who suffers from neck and back pain Roald Dahl