This song firework has been played slot last year !!

But have you ever really listened to the lyrics !!

They are monumental ! Some beautiful writing about how each individual is special !!!

Katy perry firework

emotions, miracles

Power poses

Got sent this link today . It’s amazing .

It’s going to change everything . It makes perfect sense .

I go to a meeting with other doctors every month . I normally cower on my way in , I can feel my heart in my mouth . My heart rate going up . I can hear a wobble in my voice when I speak . Tomorrow I’m going to power pose in the bathroom before I go in .

Let’s see what a difference it makes .

Body language can change your life

emotions, miracles

Just a few bits

Again so busy that I’m just putting up some stuff that I’ve come across in the last few days .

I’m busy but I’m happy .
I’m living in the moment and appreciating everything I have even though I’m still in pain . I’m focussing just on today rather than whether I’m going to have pain forever .

I have pain today . Tomorrow will be better !!