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Remember the beginning

Daily life can take over !

The nappy changes and middle of the night feeds become needing eyes in the back of your head for a toddler !

The toddler becomes a school child in the blink of an eye ! Then it’s school runs , lunches , uniform washes and after school activities !

Mix it all up with a toddler and 2 school going children and you soon find yourself chasing your tail !!

It’s easy to feel like a mice running around a wheel !!

Where does your husband or wife fit in to all of this ? Do you even see each other any more ?

I think it’s a common problem ! And one that can lead to all sorts of rows ! Spouses feel undervalued , overworked and really just not seen !

I know I’ve said it before but I need to remind myself regularly too !

What brought you together in the first place ?

What made 2 imperfect people choose each other ?

Last night we watched date night a movie with Steve carrell and Tina fey !!

We laughed and laughed !! It’s full of reminders of the daily grind of life ! Gum shields and anti snore strips !

But the couple end up getting chased by the mob accidentally and all hell breaks loose !

However in all the drama they end up seeing each other again !

And ends with a lovely reminder for all of us

Phil Foster: I’d do it again you know? Us, you, me the kids, all of it. I’d do it again. I’d choose you every time.

Be sure and check out the movie you won’t be disappointed maybe make it a date night xx