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Just a little something

Just a little something I saw in a book today and which I’m constantly telling myself ,,

Being a parent is fabulous but full of worry and guilt . Did I do the right thing for them ? Do I do the right thing for them . Should I work should I be at home ? Did they eat well today ? Etc..

The guilt can be endless !!

But I always say to myself all you can do is your best and that’s good enough !
I found some stuff by Louise l hay today which I thought was interesting about how we should feel about our own parents !! Takes the pressure off a bit !!

They , too , were children once.
Now is the time for me to stand up on my own two feet, to support myself . To give myself what my parents couldn’t give me. The more I learn about their childhoods , the more I understand their limitations . No one taught them how to be parents. They were living out the limitation s of their own parents . Parent issues are something we all deal with every day . So the best we can do us to live them as they are and affirm that they love us as we are . I do not use my parents as an excuse for the negative parts of my life . I bless my parents with love and release them to the happiness that is meaningful to them Louise l hay meditations to heal your life

What do you think ??

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The universe

I decided to let it go . The toilet needing fixing and I was getting a man into do it . I wasn’t asking him to look at blocked sink or missing shower head . I was just going to let him sort out one thing and one thing only . We had enough money for that!

I had to work this afternoon . Chaos ruled . Extra patients , patients who needed sending to hospital . Computers that didn’t work ,printers that didn’t work . Everything that could go pear shaped did .

I was in the middle of the pear but I took a deep breath and got on with what was in front of me . Everything got sorted ! We got through the day !

And then I stopped in Aldi . For those of you not familiar with Aldi it’s a grocery store . But every week it has special offers . Sometimes kitchen utensils , sometimes garden furniture . Today it was a shower head . Exactly what we needed for a fraction of the cost in other chains .

And I thought the universe has spoken . You are looked after . Let go and go with the flow !

The flowers in the garden don’t worry .then again , they don’t have to worry about broken toilets and shower heads .