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I am Fiona . I am a doctor and a mother of 3 children aged 5, 3 and 1 . I work part time approx 3 days a week and the rest of the time I am a mum , wife , chef , cleaner , dirty clothes washer etc…

I am a daughter,I am a sister ,a doctor , I am a wife and and a mother.

These are in order in which I did them not in order of importance may I stress to my husband and three beautiful children.

It is from you guys and because of you I have learned so much and realised that I had so much I wanted to learn about life .

There have been ups and downs in my life as there are in everyone’s life. I also have the honour and privilege of witnessing the ups and downs of other peoples lives in my very day work.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety and have been treated with great kindness and professionalism by the medical profession. I have been on antidepressants and attended hours of counselling.

Throughout all of these things, I wondered what I could do to help myself and all the people I meet everyday. It is because of their stories and mine that I have decided to start this blog.

. I spend most of every day ,both in work and out of it, discussing how we can get more from life and how we can cope with our difficulties .

What I hope to achieve by writing this blog is to share the knowledge I am accruing about life coping skills. I am also hoping to learn more from you , so that we can all share these gems and help each other .

There is a wealth of knowledge out there and I am hoping to share that with you and guide you to where I found the information .

I feel that there are two elements to coping with stress and the world around us .

One involves feeling that we are actually in control of what goes on around us ! And ,secondly ,feeling protected from the effect that the outside world can have on us .

I am not promising you a pot of gold but I hope my advice will make you feel like you have that pot of gold every day of your life !!

The picture was drawn by my 5 year old daughter niamh when I asked her to draw a happy picture . This is what we should strive for .

The information contained in this blog should never be a substitute for getting advice from a healthcare professional or financial adviser . If you are unsure you should always see your healthcare provider or financial adviser and discuss any issues .


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