children, dreams, emotions

Birthday girl

This day 6 years ago I was lying petrified in a hospital bed knowing that I was going to become a mother the next day .

I was petrified for a long time and found the whole transition to motherhood a scary ,soul searching ,guilty laden journey .

Looking back I was very depressed but I felt I was just a useless mother .

It’s only on recent year when I let go of the need to be right , of the need to know what I’m doing that I Veblen able to enjoy my children more ..

They have been my teachers.

I adore them to bits and love the journey we are now on !

I saw this and thought it was so true .

“No mother is ever, completely, a child’s idea of what a mother should be, and I suppose it works the other way around as well. But despite everything, we didn’t do too badly by one another, we did as well as most.”
― Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

I only started to enjoy being a mammy when I realised I could only do my best ,and that was going to have to be good enough !



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