So fed up

So here I am sick again with streptococcal throat .

It’s now been about 10 weeks and 5weeks on antibiotics .

I’m doing the right thing and I’m attending my doctor not self diagnosing .

But my goodness I am now getting very fed up .

streptococcal throat is a serious condition with many consequences if you are systemically unwell , that is have flu like symptoms with a sore throat or unilateral sore throat or are in any way unsure always see your doctor ..

I left it for 11 days until my neck swelled and I couldn’t get up off the floor before looking for help !

I fell like my other half has a pain in his backside with me being sick .

It doesn’t suit when he is so busy for their to be any interruption to the schedule and I feel floored .

What can we do ? I can’t keep up the working full time and running the household and he feels he works harder then me so he shouldn’t have to do anything in the house . I’m angry I’m annoyed ,

And then I see two messages in my emails one from the secret . A message gets sent every day a limitless quote . Today it’s about not giving out about or judging others . Or else you’ll attract more to give out about..


The good no matter how difficult and you’ll get more good out of people . He’s only trying to do his best to provide for his family ..

And a lovely piece from Susan gregg about spending two minutes every morning being grateful for what you have not what you don’t have

Any thoughts ? Any advice ?

I’m going to try both these things and see how tomorrow goes !

I’ll let you know xxx Fiona



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