I always find this ladies posts interesting and helpful every day . She studied under don Miguel Ruiz who wrote the four agreements .

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It is hard to admit, but at times we just aren’t willing to be happy. We say we want to be happy and then we make choices that create
anything except happiness. We know we need more rest or exercise
or to eat less or be kinder to ourselves and we don’t do it. So we judge ourselves and vow to do better and we don’t.

When we are caught in that sort of pattern fighting it or judging
ourselves just doesn’t help. If on the other hand we just ask for the
willingness to clearly see what the underlying intent is we are one step closer to freedom.

We start out wanting to be happy. Then that desire goes through our
filter system and out comes misery. It’s like reaching for something
underwater – it isn’t where our eyes tell us it is. All that is necessary is for us to become willing to let go of those old messages. Allow for the possibility that a part of your filter system precludes happiness. Ask for the willingness to be willing to be willing to release all the beliefs that bind you. Once you willing become aware of that piece and let it go happiness and freedom is yours.

With love and aloha,

Whatever you focus your attention on you get more of
So focus on love and gratitude – see what happens!

Susan gregg


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