Well my goodness , I have been unwell for 3 weeks .

It began like a flu and I fought and fought . Being a doctor and a mum of 3 and trying to work I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time .

When I could no longer swallow or move my neck I looked for help .

Probably should have looked for help bit sooner !!

So the troops came out in force my mum , my mother in law , my sisters , my husband was left in charge for 3 weeks !!!

I persevered dragged my sorry ass in and out of work even when I couldn’t drlive myself or vomitted on the way there !!

We have laughed about it all since !!
Particularly the luminous green vomit on the side of the street !

Kermit would have been proud !!

It turns out after numerous visits to doctor and an MRI that I had a throat abscess which triggered neck problems . My discs appear to be very worn away !!

Have I learned anything ? Again the gratitude to just be here !

To be here with my beautiful children and husband .

To enjoy the little things like getting up in the morning .

To appreciate the kindness of the medical profession .

To appreciate my family and friends .

I love being alive !!

sometimes bad days are there to remind you that you have good ones to look forward to !!

What has caused you to have look and Appreciate what you have ??



What do you think ?

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