I went to a psychic fair today . We decided to make it a girls day out . I went with my mum my sister and my daughter .

We didn’t know what it would be about but we thought it would be fun . I was standing in a line with a lot of others waiting for a reading . As you can imagine there were many alternative types there , big into new age therapies and psychic phenomenon .

However standing in that line I was struck by how everyone in the lines perception of the line was so different .

I was standing calmly , enjoying looking around the room at all the people giving and receiving readings .

I was particularly enjoying the seriousness of my 5 year olds face as she sat listening to her aunts future , pondering herself how long we were going to stay in this boring place !!!

The lady in front of me was complaining about the set up , about how she was there to see Patricia Buckley and no one else . The kind lady was explaining to her that it was a first come first served basis and you got whichever reader was free..

There’s so much negative energy in this room she retorted .

I felt no such thing ! My turn came and the girl told me to spend more time in nature and to accept myself for who I am . Nothing too dramatic, but pleasant none the same .

That night as we watched Marcia cross from desperate housewives on the tv my husband said to me I had no idea that the ladies in that show didn’t get on . He had already seen the show it was a repeat . I listened to the same interview and didn’t pick this up at all .

As I went to bed I thought how perception is key . What life throws at us is very much how we see it . Difficulties may be seen as opportunities , depending on who is the perceiver .

what you see and hear depends very much on where you are standing and on the type of person you are

CSLewis The Magician’s Nephew

Tip for Today

Try to see the good all around you .


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