Over the last few days ,I have met with two really good friends . It can be difficult to keep in touch . Family ,work ,housework ,life . Real friends understand this , it’s ok to not be in touch .

However note to self ,the phone call or the catch up is so worth the five minutes . Time with friends reminds you that you are still you ,just you , not someone’s wife or mother . !

Tip for today

Text, phone , meet your friends for a cuppa ,

it isn`t about the friends you`ve known for the longest. it`s about the ones that came in & never left your side.

What do you think ,how do you make time for friends ? How do you keep in touch ?



2 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. This is so true. I struggle with it, too. It’s so hard to keep in touch, but it’s worth it. I’ve learned the hard way not to take for granted that your best friends will always be there. If you never call or see them, they will eventually find new best friends. They may still like you a lot, but you only get out what you put in. UnfortunatelyI don’t have the answers to coping with this when your life is busy either. I have let things slide much more than I like to admit.

    • Many thanks for your comment ! You are so right about making the effort to keep the friendships a quick call or text is easiest at the end of a hard day but meeting up is always the best xx

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