Went to bed with the children this evening . I was exhausted by the day , exhausted by the anxiety , worry about finances ,work ,children . Everything was getting to me and then the toilet needed replacing . I stopped and thought the universe is trying to tell me something . So I fell into a big double bed with a 3 year old and a 5 year old .

There is no better way to come to your senses than to flop beside your children . They know what’s really important in life .

Curious George was the chosen DVD ! I was delighted I’d watched it before with them and I knew it was a feel good film . But today it was a huge wake up call .

George is a monkey who follows Ted back to new York on a ship from Africa .
Ted worries , George sees the wonder in everything . Ted soon learns from George the wonder of the city and the people of new York city

George goes with the flow . He appreciates and is in awe of the world around him . He reminds me of the teachings of Abraham . By Esther and jerry hicks . They wrote lots of books about going with the flow appreciating what’s around us and going with the flow . So tonight I’m going to sleep better than I have in ages and go with the flow .

My life is good , my children are fabulous and I am learning from them every day .

tip for today
Go with the flow .stop worrying and believe the answers to all your problems are all around you . Stop to enjoy the scenery , rather than looking to get to your destination .



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