Keep your eyes wide open

Our youngest son pulled a DVD out of the cupboard today .

He pulls many DVDs out of the cupboard and normally leaves them strewn all over the floor ,making an obstacle course out of the floor .

Today I noticed he pulled our wedding DVD out so we put it on and our three beautiful children watched mesmerised . Mesmerised by the fact that there were so many people they knew on the tv . I think they thought their mam and dad were celebrities !

The priest used a quote in his homily and it got me thinking !

Benjamin Franklin

keep your eyes wide open before marriage ,and half shut afterwards

That day I thought it was quite hilarious . But now seven years on I see the wisdom in that quote .

Keeping your eyes half shut is really useful but not in the way you might think . It’s not about strolling through life half blind . It’s about seeing the good rather than the bad .
It’s about focussing on the good rather than the bad . It’s about looking for the good rather than the bad . It’s about your perception .and training your perception to look for the good .

It’s much more difficult than it sounds . But it worthwhile to keep trying . Make lists in your head or on paper of the positives, praise the positives , reinforce the praise . Say thank you . At the end of the day think of the good things that happened .

Dr. David R. Hawkins

What one discovers depends on what one is looking for

tip for today
Keep your eyes half shut . Focus on the positive


What do you think ?

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