My Hoover has Attachments!

My Hoover has attachments ! Focussing on the here and now , I am cleaning . I notice for the first time my Hoover has attachments .

Yes, it’s a top of the range model . But it’s years old and it only picks up half of the area it is cleaning , as if there’s a cover over half of it .

But today it got me thinking .

What about the people whose Hoover doesn’t have attachments or those who only have a sweeping brush .

What about those who have a cleaner who vacuums for them or a group of cleaners .

We are all somewhere on this scale in life comparing ourselves to others who have more or less .

And I think to myself we should be grateful for where we are in this grand scheme of things .

So far now I am going to smile and be happy that

my Hoover has attachments !!

Tip for today

Be grateful for what we have however small.


What do you think ?

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