Been away for a while . Not physically but mentally . Been dealing with a few issues . Sickness of a friend .

It’s hit me like a truck . I feel the whole world has changed . My outlook is wallowing in the depths . I feel like I’m dragging myself through tar every day . I’m looking to my books for help to understand what I’m feeling and what we are going through .

Buddhism teaches us that life is not just about the joys it’s also about the suffering .

“Butterflies are free to fly ” , is another book I read . It says that our lives are mapped out for us , and it is our job to react to the different situations . We are to look at the curve balls that life throws at us, grab the ball and say ” so this is what you have planned for me ” ” how will I react ” .

It saying that we may not be in control of the curve ball but are in control of how we choose to react to that curve ball .

I wasn’t sure how either of these things made me feel . I don’t know if it made me feel better or worse.

I picked up a book that had been lying by my bedside for weeks. It’s called The Field by Lynne McTaggart . She had done research into healing and described an experiment ,whereby 2 groups of patients were prayed for , and the half that were prayed for did better after their surgery . Even though neither group knew that they had been prayed for .

So now I feel a bit better , a bit more connected , there is something out there connecting us . I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this to see what this connectivity she calls the field is about

I’m going back to the Buddhist basics of the here and now to get through the day . I’m concentrating on cleaning the sink and nothing else when I’m cleaning the sink . On the Hoover when I’m hoovering and trying to find something good about what I’m doing and I’m praying !


What do you think ?

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