Do what you think is best !

I brought my children to visit my grandmother today . She has recently gone into a nursing home and I felt it was important for them and me and her that we should make the effort to visit .

Being the daughter of divorced parents these things can be fraught with guilt . The worry that doing anything with one parent can be upsetting for the other . Those feelings are entirely normal and difficult to work through.

As I was sitting with my grandmother and father , we were chatting about my nana and her wedding day . She was there now sitting with her great grandchildren and she said to me, ” They don’t be long growing up” .

I was instantly transported to the future and could see myself as an old lady in a nursing home.

I thought my goodness there will come a day when all the people I love such as my mum and dad could be dead and I will only have my self to live with .

It made me think that we spend so much of our lives trying to keep other people happy .

What a difficult task ? Impossible. Probably !

Tip for today

1 Don’t spend your days trying to keep other people happy . You probably won’t be successful and you will waste an awful lot of energy .

2 Don’t make assumptions .

It’s one of the Four Agreements .by don Miguel Ruiz ( a really life changing book )..

we spend so much time assuming we know what people are thinking or feeling . our reality becomes based on this .

And life is much easier if we don’t . Be clear in communication and ask people what they mean by what they say or how they feel .


What do you think ?

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