Buddhism for mothers

I started reading a really interesting book today called Buddhism for mothers by Sarah Naphtali . I’m really excited about even the cover calms me .

There is a piece in it about karma .i always thought that karma was really a thing outside of us .

what goes around comes around

that sort of thing . But Sarah is describing it has being much more of an individual’s thing . For example a relative criticises your child and you get so angry about the comment . This in turn leads you to react every time they say something which in turn causes you to become a person people see as too sensitive or who overreacts to everything
This is true karma where your thoughts have brought you to a place .

She says the comments didn’t matter in the first place and didn’t deserve a reaction .part of the Buddhist philosophy is not to judge things , comments. ,people as good or bad .they just are .

Wow that takes the pressure off a bit doesn’t it . I’m sure it won’t be as easy to put into practice but I’ll give it a go

tips for today

1 don’t judge . That includes yourself ,your capabilities as a mother ,as a sister ,as a daughter ,as a wife ,as a friend ,as an employee . It also includes others what they say or do .


What do you think ?

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