Bad days

We all have a bad day ! Today was one of them . I felt bit overwhelmed by the juggling . The working ,the bills ,the children ,the future ,the past it was all there . Tears and fears .

I have the great fortune to work with people and quite often as I help them work through their trials and tribulations . I can work through mine . Today I also turned to my fantastic friends and gor reminded of the keys .

1 stay in the here and now. Get through this moment and only this moment . It’s called the present because it’s a gift . It’s all we have . We can do nothing about the past or the future .we only have control over the here and now .

2 talk to friends . They are the family we choose for ourselves .

3 laugh .look for the humour in things . Laughing raises your energy levels releases natural endorphins ,happy hormones . I found these pictures on Facebook and I laughed . I hope you do too .



What do you think ?

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