Great day .delighted to not be working. I spent morning washing clothes etc .sometimes the housework can be overwhelming .but again it comes back to keeping it simple . Don’t think about all the things you have to do .

Santa brought a wiggles game for Xmas. It’s really helpful for the five year old learning her letters .its callers single sound cards . We had great fun doing them this afternoon .

Tips from today

1 Focus on one thing at a time . There’s a lady in the us ,the new Martha Stewart , she says keep the sink clean and all else will follow . I tend to concentrate on the thing I’m doing right now this moment and nothing else . Everything still gets done !

2 Play . The house work will always need to be done but it can wait . Appreciate your children by spending time with them even 5 minutes doing a jigsaw or game can make you feel better and definitely makes them feel better . They may even let you do more housework after spending time .


What do you think ?

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